Friday, April 27, 2007

News Boxers

I figured I should make a post. So I am.
I'm kind of upset right now. We lost to Central 9-6. All 9 runs were unearned and 6 came with 2 outs in one inning. We looked like the freakin' Bad News Bears out there. Credit Central, though; they came in with a great gameplan.
If we win the last two games, we still finish 2nd in the area, but I would have much rather preferred 1st, due to playoff considerations. The good news is that we can finish no worse than 3rd.
I said blogging would be light. Apparently I wasn't lying. I've been stuck in various obnoxious tasks the last week and found no time to blog. So I'll repeat: blogging will be majorly light until I get to W&L.
Speaking of Washington and Lee, they announced the first female athletic director in the history of the University today. They promoted the women's lacrosse coach.
In other news, Democrats held a debate today. Mark at Decision '08 has a roundup and grades. Who won? It's not who'd you expect.