Friday, April 27, 2007

News Boxers

I figured I should make a post. So I am.
I'm kind of upset right now. We lost to Central 9-6. All 9 runs were unearned and 6 came with 2 outs in one inning. We looked like the freakin' Bad News Bears out there. Credit Central, though; they came in with a great gameplan.
If we win the last two games, we still finish 2nd in the area, but I would have much rather preferred 1st, due to playoff considerations. The good news is that we can finish no worse than 3rd.
I said blogging would be light. Apparently I wasn't lying. I've been stuck in various obnoxious tasks the last week and found no time to blog. So I'll repeat: blogging will be majorly light until I get to W&L.
Speaking of Washington and Lee, they announced the first female athletic director in the history of the University today. They promoted the women's lacrosse coach.
In other news, Democrats held a debate today. Mark at Decision '08 has a roundup and grades. Who won? It's not who'd you expect.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It should be noted that...

...blogging will be relatively light, at least until I make it to Washington and Lee.

Kucinich to Attempt Impeachment of Cheney

According to Mary Ann Akers of the Washington Post, Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), sometime Boy Mayor of Cleveland and Congressman, now styling himself Presidential candidate, is going to file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.
Good luck with that. The progressive commenters in the WaPo blog are having wet dreams about it, though.
Incidentally, they're claiming all these polls and majorities support them, but I haven't found one yet. (HT: Decision '08)

NBA Referee Suspended After Confrontation

Joey Crawford was suspended indefinitely today after an incident involving San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan. Crawford ejected Duncan from Sunday's game against the Dallas Mavericks while Duncan was on the bench. After the game, Duncan alleged that Crawford has a "vendetta" against him and stated that Crawford challenged him to a fight before the ejection.

Referee suspensions should happen more often. College football has taken the lead with actions against rogue referees, but on the whole, there is no effective check against referee misconduct. Actions against referee misconduct must go farther than simple letters of reprimand to the officials and letters of apology to the teams. David Stern has taken an effective step against a veteran official, showing that referee ego must be restrained.

Internal Revenue Service Randomly Plays Nice

The Boston Herald reports to us this morning that folks impacted by the nor'easter will get two extra days on their federal tax return. How generous. And all you have to do is write "April 16 Storm" on the top of your return. So how many people are going to try to pull this trick that aren't supposed to? The better question is, how many will get caught?

Virginia Tech

I would be remiss if I returned to blogging today and did not mention the horrible tragedy that happened on the campus of Virginia Tech. I won't go into detail, you've that already from traditional media outlets, but in my current location, I pick up the same stations that Blacksburg picks up (out of Roanoke), and, just to give a sense of enormity to this, there has literally been no other news other than updates about the massacre on the news tonight. I was watching the FOX 21/27 out of Roanoke and it was all about the shootings. Nothing tops this story, here in the Roanoke area, or really anywhere else. The major political story of the day, Alberto Gonzales' testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, was postponed. Nothing else could have happened today that would have upstaged the events in Blacksburg - the worst mass shooting in United States history. GCB's thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims tonight.

Softball Ladies

My softball ladies are kicking some major booty. We're tied for 2nd place in the area right now, and once things even out with regard to scheduling, we'll be rocking some 2nd place by ourselves. We can make it to first, but we will need some help - which may or may not come. *crosses fingers*
Show that muscle, Triceps! Oh, and Julie - you are IN THE HOLE!

The Bandit Is Back.

After some time of watching and waiting in the blogosphere, I've decided to jump back in.
Gulf Coast Bandit is back. *waits for loud cheers of applause, but, alas, none come forth*
I'm about to embark on one of the greatest journeys anyone can ever embark on. I'm graduating from high school in May, and I will be matriculating at Washington and Lee University in September. And, I'll have a laptop. Coupled with W&L Wireless, I can blog at a moment's notice.
I'll be blogging from a bit of a different perspective than I did the first go-round. {Don't bother looking for the first go-round, I deleted it. You could try looking at the WayBack Machine, but I don't think you'll find it. I did, however, keep my blogroll, which is in its handy place on the right-hand sidebar.} I'm a high school senior, fixing to be a college freshman, the second time around, as opposed to the first time around, when I was a high school freshman. I was 14. Didn't have a drivers' license, and I hadn't grown up yet. I grew up.
Dad took a trip to Iraq: I grew up fast. And, I got my license, finally.
The blog will have a focus on politics: with the 2008 Presidential race heating up far too early, there will be plenty of national screw-ups to cover. I will also take a look at Alabama and Virginia state politics (as those are my two states of residence) and any other state that needs examining at the moment. However, I reserve the right to move tangentially off of the political arena. Athletics of any form, shape, or nature are fair game. If I happen to read anything I find particularly interesting, I'll say something about it. I may hit briefly on entertainment, namely Anna Nicole Smith (I'm the babydaddy, I swear), Britney Spears, Don Imus, Charla & Mirna, or any other insane person(s).
Mark at Decision '08 tried to announce his retirement, and his loyal readership wouldn't let him. That's what inspired me to return to blogging. One day, I too might have 20 people who care enough about what I have to say that they'll say, "No, GCB, you can't quit!" And then, I'll be forced to go on albeit at a slightly reduced pace.
But until that time comes, I go forward, pressing on toward the goal. I fought the good fight when I was in high school, and I thought I had finished the race. But as it turns out, I kept the faith, namely faith in the power of the blogosphere. And that faith dragged me back.
Dang, that was pretty good. Too bad no one will read it.