Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Bandit Is Back.

After some time of watching and waiting in the blogosphere, I've decided to jump back in.
Gulf Coast Bandit is back. *waits for loud cheers of applause, but, alas, none come forth*
I'm about to embark on one of the greatest journeys anyone can ever embark on. I'm graduating from high school in May, and I will be matriculating at Washington and Lee University in September. And, I'll have a laptop. Coupled with W&L Wireless, I can blog at a moment's notice.
I'll be blogging from a bit of a different perspective than I did the first go-round. {Don't bother looking for the first go-round, I deleted it. You could try looking at the WayBack Machine, but I don't think you'll find it. I did, however, keep my blogroll, which is in its handy place on the right-hand sidebar.} I'm a high school senior, fixing to be a college freshman, the second time around, as opposed to the first time around, when I was a high school freshman. I was 14. Didn't have a drivers' license, and I hadn't grown up yet. I grew up.
Dad took a trip to Iraq: I grew up fast. And, I got my license, finally.
The blog will have a focus on politics: with the 2008 Presidential race heating up far too early, there will be plenty of national screw-ups to cover. I will also take a look at Alabama and Virginia state politics (as those are my two states of residence) and any other state that needs examining at the moment. However, I reserve the right to move tangentially off of the political arena. Athletics of any form, shape, or nature are fair game. If I happen to read anything I find particularly interesting, I'll say something about it. I may hit briefly on entertainment, namely Anna Nicole Smith (I'm the babydaddy, I swear), Britney Spears, Don Imus, Charla & Mirna, or any other insane person(s).
Mark at Decision '08 tried to announce his retirement, and his loyal readership wouldn't let him. That's what inspired me to return to blogging. One day, I too might have 20 people who care enough about what I have to say that they'll say, "No, GCB, you can't quit!" And then, I'll be forced to go on albeit at a slightly reduced pace.
But until that time comes, I go forward, pressing on toward the goal. I fought the good fight when I was in high school, and I thought I had finished the race. But as it turns out, I kept the faith, namely faith in the power of the blogosphere. And that faith dragged me back.
Dang, that was pretty good. Too bad no one will read it.